Amazon Begins Testing Autonomous Package Delivery Via Cooler-Sized 'Scout' Robots

January 24, 2019

This week Amazon began testing autonomous package deliveries in neighborhoods in Snohomish County, Washington, via its new fleet of Scouts, little drink-cooler sized six-wheeled robots. Some more info while I order some toys. "ADULT toys?" Well I am an adult. "Soooo...." LEGO sets, pervert.

While the robots can navigate by themselves, an Amazon employee will accompany them, at least for now.

Scout is about the size of a small cooler and it trundles along at walking pace. Amazon claims the battery-powered robot can safely deal with obstacles such as pedestrians and pets. However, it's not yet clear how Scout verifies customers' identity to make sure its storage hatch opens only for the correct people.

Yeah, how does it make sure to only open for the correct person? And where's its home base? How many packages does it carry at once? And how do I know the person whose delivery is right before mine won't just help themselves to the sex toys I ordered? "I thought you were buying LEGO sets." LOL, you sound like my girlfriend. "Because I believed you?" Yes, especially considering I've never given you any reason to do anything but not believe me -- I'm pretty sure that makes it your bad.

Keep going for a video demonstration of a Scout in action.

Thanks to Elizabeth B, who agrees Amazon should just launch packages into the sky and have them fall down our chimneys Santa Clause style. Seriously would that be so hard?

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