WTF!: Factory Worker Speared By 10 Separate Foot-Long Metal Spikes After Robot Malfunctions

December 13, 2018


NOTE: These are the spikes removed from the worker. NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH shots of his arm and back before they were removed by surgeons HERE and HERE.

A 49-year old porcelain factory worker in China was recently impaled by ten separate foot-long metal spikes after an industrial robotic arm malfunctioned and fell on him. Yeaaaah, there's no way you can convince me those aren't weapons.

Six steel rods fixed on a steel plate pierced his right shoulder and chest, and four penetrated elsewhere in his body.

During the operation, doctors found that one of the rods missed an artery by just 0.1mm.

His condition is now described as stable and he will undergo treatment and physiotherapy to assist his recovery, and he is already able to move his right arm.

Well at least he's stable and not dead. I'm not even sure how he survived that unless the robot was just trying to send a message and not actually kill him. And we should probably listen to that message, then in true climate-change fashion just completely ignore it and wait until the robots have killed us all, the end.

Thanks to David, who agrees if you're ever considering taking a job in a factory with giant spiked robotic arms, consider reconsidering.

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