Wait, What?: Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Gets A Poster

December 11, 2018


From a producer who clearly knows a thing or two about things that move fast and furiously, this is the first poster for a Sonic The Hedgehog movie coming out in November of 2019 that nobody asked for or wants to watch except to perhaps see just how large a dumpster fire can grow. Until I saw this poster I didn't even know they were making a Sonic movie and, admittedly, life was a little better back then. I have so many questions -- half of which are why and the other half involve Paramount executives' decision making process, and if they're interested in hiring someone who actually has their finger on the pulse of society. I'm just saying, the rights to Altered Beast, Golden Axe and ToeJam & Earl aren't going to buy themselves.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees Earthworm Jim is really where the movie money is at.

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