Vermont Man Frustrated With Local Officials Erects Middle Finger Sculpture In Yard

December 11, 2018


This is a shot of the ~5-foot tall wooden middle finger sculpture that 54-year old Ted Pilkey of Westford, Vermont erected atop a 16-foot pole in his yard after local officials repeatedly rejected his applications to build a large garage on his property for his automotive and monofilament recycling businesses. Some more info while I build an entire wooden fence of middle fingers around my house:

"I'm not trying to cause hate and animosity to the people who live in that town, because there's very good people in that town," the 54-year-old Westford native says of his fellow residents in the 2,000-person town. "All the people are very good people."

With the exception, Pelkey says, of the Westford Selectboard, Development Review Board, and other town leaders, who have blocked his efforts to get a permit to build the 8,000-square-foot garage, so he could move his truck repair and monofilament recycling businesses in nearby Swanton to his own property.

Officials say Pelkey's applications have fallen short of the town's standards, but he thinks they're biased against him...

Hmm, I'm not really sure about all this sub-standard application and biased business, but I do admire Ted's gumption. Granted the giant middle finger probably isn't going to help him make any friends on the development review board, but I've always been a huge fan of burning bridges out of spite with the intention of building a hovercraft even though I know I'm nowhere near capable.

Keep going for a closeup of the middle finger before it was mounted.


Thanks to Jeffrey S, who agrees we all deal with disappointment in our own ways.

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