Tuba Repurposed As Bathroom Sink, Tenor Horns As Urinals

December 28, 2018


This is a shot of Redditor marc_urzz's step-uncle's bathroom, starring a tuba he repurposed as the sink. There's also an unrelated shot (well, minus somebody else had the idea of repurposing brass instruments for bathroom use) of three tenor horns that were converted into urinals. Damn, if only they were all in the same bathroom and there were a couple guys on toilets blasting some bass you'd have yourself a-- "Pretty shitty band." Okay I was going to say international supergroup, but I supposed we can't all see potential.

Keep going for a photo of the tenor horn urinals while I speculate if it was really necessary to frame the shot with a guy posing like he's about to pee. They're urinals, we get it.


Thanks to Dunc, who informed me he was draining his flute even as he sent the tip. Wow, too much information. Jk jk, was anybody else in the bathroom? Were you humming a song?

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