Trust Fall!: Portly Gentleman Crushes Buddy From Chair

December 14, 2018


Seen here during the very lit after-hours portion of their holiday party, this is a short video of a portly gentleman trust-falling into the arms of his significantly smaller friend. Although it's really more of a trust-crush. Still, I feel like this went just about as well as they could have possibly hoped for, although based on the way he's holding himself afterwards, it appears the smaller man may have broken his penis. That's why I tape mine to my calf! "Calf?!" *wink*

Keep going for the video. Also, I like how in that first screencap he looks like Uncle Fester lighting a lightbulb in his mouth.

Thanks to Linby, who knows what I like, and I like bad ideas you can see failing from a mile away.

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