To Infinity And Beyond!: Dude Kick-Launches Buddy Off Massive Water Slide

December 26, 2018

Did everyone have a nice holiday? I sure hope so, and I hope you got everything you wanted. I got a $100 gift card to Taco Bell, which is ALL I've ever wanted, although the custodial crew here at the office has been begging to buy it from me for twice its face value. Anyways, I should be around for some casual blogging between now and New Year's, at which time we'll get 2019 kicked off with a bang.

This is a video of a guy kick-launching his buddy off a massive water slide. Cool, but is he actually boosting his friend, or is he kicking himself further up the slide? I feel like this is one of those, 'What happens if you're in a free-falling elevator and jump at the very last second?' scenarios. SPOILER: You still die, go back in time and take the stairs.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees there's bound to be at least one angry lifeguard furiously blowing their whistle right now.

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