The Voice Of Mario Receives Guinness World Record For Most Recorded Voice-Over Performances For A Single Game Character

December 19, 2018


Charles Martinet (right), the voice of Mario in games since the mid 90's, has just been awarded the Guinness World Record for Most Video Game Voiceover Performances As The Same Character, with a staggering 100 thanks to the recent release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Charles actually voiced Mario at trade shows for Nintendo since 1990, and his first game credit was the 1995 Windows release of Mario's FUNdamentals before the groundbreaking Super Mario 64 came out the following year. So like, who's in second place? Because Charles also voices Baby Mario, Luigi, Baby Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, and Toadsworth, so he's probably also in second place with Luigi. But that's just my guess AND THE PERSON WHO'S LOUDEST IS ALWAYS RIGHT, BAR RULES. "Wait -- are you in a bar?" Well it's more of a bar-restaurant. *asks for menu* Nevermind, just a bar. Take turns standing in front of the dart board while the other person throws?

Keep going for a short interview with Charles I posted previously.

Thanks to me, for gathering the courage to go take a peek around the internet even though it terrifies me and I almost always end up regretting it.

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