'Sunrise On Endor', A Music Video Inspired By 80's Movies

December 4, 2018

This is 'Sunrise On Endor', a 1980's inspired synthwave music video created by animator Gareth Wood that draws heavily from the aesthetics of Star Wars, TRON, Blade Runner and other 80's movies. I enjoyed it, and I wish more of my dreams were like this instead of the usual 'trapped in a basement with a bunch of other apocalypse survivors and have to kill everyone to escape.' Don't get me wrong, I always manage, but it isn't pretty. Although it does make getting out of bed and going to work in the morning a lot more appealing than trying to sleep any longer.

Keep going for the video, as well 'Twin Ion Galaxies', another Star Wars inspired 80's music video Gareth made last year that's also worth a watch.

Thanks to my good pal/worst enemy Terry, who's an absolute gem/terrible monster.

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