Smooth Criminals: Beer Thief Gets Pantsed By Spiked Fence, Left Hanging For Hours

December 27, 2018


I live here now, this is cool.

This is some security camera footage from a grocery store in Kaulille, Belgium of a beer and Monster Energy thief getting stuck on a spiked fence twice, the second of which left him stuck upside-down for hours. Some more info while I remember to only wear shorts to future beer robberies, no matter how cold it is outside:

A bungling thief caught his pants was left hanging on spiked railings TWICE during a hilarious raid.

After climbing over the fence at the back of the Spar Craeghs shop in Kaulille, Belgium, at 3am on Sunday December 16 the potential pilsner pilferer climbed up bread shelves to try and escape.

Carrying a crate of 24 cans of the energy drink Monster over the fence, he quickly loses balance and gets his pants caught on the spiked railings.

Having hung there for a few hours, he is set free by an unwitting passing car before making off on his bike.

Wait -- somebody freed him and didn't even question why he was hanging from a spiked fence of a grocery store? Those friendly Belgians! Also, after getting stuck the first time I'm surprised he didn't opt to steal a case of Red Bull instead of Monster so he could have just flown over the fence and back home.

Keep going for the video. No word if he could reach the beer while he was hanging there.

Thanks to Clark, for reminding me there are beer drinkers out there who are even dumber than I am. Not many, but they are out there.

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