Real Products That Exist: The Super Mario Bros Piranha Plant Hand Puppet

December 5, 2018


This is the $40 Super Mario Gigantic Piranha Plant Puppet available from ThinkGeek. They also have a $25 Bowser puppet available in case you're serious about winning this year's Christmas holiday family talent show. The piranha plant puppet measures about 11-inches tall at rest, but can extend 13-inches out of its pipe when you stick your hand in for a total of 24-inches of freaky handjob fetish fun. Unfortunately, unlike some of its video game counterparts, this piranha plant doesn't shoot fireballs, although I see no reason why, with the addition of a can of Axe body spray and a lighter, your family's Christmas tree not being in flames couldn't be quickly remedied.

Keep going for several more shots.





Thanks to Allyson S, for reminding me of the first time I won a talent show with a puppet show. "When was that?" Only in my wildest dreams.

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