Real Products That Exist: The Star Trek TNG Captain's Tea Set

December 7, 2018


This is the Star Trek Captain's Tea Set available exclusively from ThinkGeek ($60). It includes a teapot with the United Federation of Planets logo, sugar bowl, creamer pitcher and two teacups with the Starfleet Command logo, and two saucers with Star Trek: The Next Generation's 'U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D' designation. Admittedly, I like the handles on the teacups, they look like they'll make them easy to drop. And you know how I feel about breaking things. "It's one of the very few things you're good at." Please *wiping Greg's laptop off his desk with a flourish* It's the ONLY thing I'm good at.

Keep going for one more shot while I write an angry email complaining these look nothing like the actual clear glass teacup Captain Picard drank his Earl Grey out of.


Thanks to carey, who agrees regardless of what you're drinking tea out of, you better keep that pinkie finger up so everyone knows you're fancy-pants.

  • GeneralDisorder

    The teapot looks like it melted.

  • You can buy one of the tea sets that was used on the show.


  • sara905

    P.S. the tea glasses they used on TNG were made by Bodum. I have 2 sets, tall with white handles, short with black handles. They even came with cute matching plastic spoons. You can still find them on eBay from time to time.

  • sara905

    I have a feeling you're not supposed to grab those cup handles in any kind of traditional way. Perhaps more like you grasp the cup under it, and it acts as a stop when you tip to drink from it. Or, you grab that wing tip with your whole thumb and fleshy pad over the top and closed fist you're grabbing a stack of papers. Lol just reading this back makes me hate the handle even though I like the look of the set.

  • The handles on those cups are stupid. They'd be really difficult to use.

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