Real Products That Exist: Flasks That Look Like Popsicles

December 21, 2018


Because apparently there's a market for absolutely everything, these are the $20 stainless steel Ice-Pop Flasks available from Fred. They come in raspberry and grape colors and hold three ounces of your favorite booze. Wait -- three ounces? A traditional pocket flask is typically eight ounces. If you're going to carry a flask that only holds three you might as well just hold the liquor in your mouth until you're ready to swallow and puke everywhere. "You're a true man of wisdom, GW." What can I say, I've been around the block a few times. Granted completely lost driving around in circles, but still.

Keep going for one more shot(!).


Thanks to Stephanie B, who agrees no self-respecting security guard is ever going to let the stainless steel popsicle flasks in your purse slide.

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