Popeyes Selling 'Emotional Support' Chicken Meal Boxes In Philadelphia Airport Terminal

December 20, 2018


This is a shot of one of the limited edition Emotional Support Chicken boxes available from the Popeyes in terminal C of the Philadelphia International Airport. Some more info while I go grab myself some emotional support donuts and chocolate milk:

Starting Tuesday and for a limited time, travelers passing through Terminal C of Philadelphia International Airport can purchase the high-flying fowl - a fried chicken meal in a specially designed, chicken-themed carrier box, perfect for taking onto the next flight.

"We know holiday travel can be frustrating, and there's no better way to ease stress than with a box of delicious Popeyes fried chicken and a good laugh," said Hope Diaz, the company's chief marketing officer, in a statement.

At $8.49, the Emotional Support Chicken tenders meal is the same price as its earth-bound kin.

Man, I don't know what it is with people who work at donut shops these days, but I haven't had a decently filled donut in years. It's like they only give you a single drop of filling because they know you can't see how much is in there when you buy it. They're laughing behind our backs! I remember when I was a kid donuts were practically exploding with filling. "This is about fried chicken, GW." Try to bring it on a flight and eat it next to me and we're both getting kicked off.

Thanks to ilana, who agrees you shouldn't bring delicious smelling food on a flight unless you have enough to share with everyone. It's common decency.

  • autumndawnzz

    This is a legit thing in Calgary, AB.


  • sizzlepants

    Have you ever been on the bus when someone walks on with fried chicken? There's no escaping the smell - and you're able to open windows.

    And then there are the inevitable fried chicken farts if the flight is long enough.

    This is just one of those situations where a bad idea can still be great marketing.

  • Closet Nerd

    Pick some up when you come into town this season...

  • Munihausen

    Nice marketing. I'll take Popeye's over KFC, but it's always pretty dry and there are almost always better regional options.

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