Oh, Just An Owl Waiting At The Window To Deliver A Letter

December 12, 2018


In much less terrifying animal news, this is a short Instagram video of Yolka the owl waiting at caretaker Nika Zubra's window to deliver a letter that, based on the incredible penmanship on the envelope alone, I can only assume is official Hogwarts business. You know, I'm still waiting for my acceptance letter. "You're not magical, GW." Oh really? Then how do you explain...THIS. "You've got your left thumb bent into your palm and you're pretending the tip of your right thumb is that thumb but detached." Oh so you've seen that one, huh?

Keep going for the video.

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Thanks to Lucinda, who agrees magic is all around us, in the form of midichlorians.

  • Javier Arreola

    This is some Harry Potter wizard shit

  • Mark

    awww.....was I the only one that was disappointed that the owl didn't get a treat at the end?

    Instead, he gets the window shut in his face. :-(

  • Doog

    "Yer a wizard 'Arry!"

  • Ghost Pirates

    Look at this owl, who is holding a thing shoved into its mouth.

  • Munihausen

    Cool animals. Vicious and bloodthirsty, but cool.

  • I love his "bitch, that's my letter. I'll cut you" look at the end.

  • Jenness

    Love how that letter looks punctured and beat up like hell a bit.

  • GeneralDisorder

    This is probably like the 8th or 9th take.

  • Jenness

    No wonder the owl looked vaguely annoying like "Are we done yet?" and kind of held on to the envelope with its beak a tad long.

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