Nope: Ant Infestation Uncovered In Australian Home

December 13, 2018


In Australia continues to get less and less appealing news, this is a short video from Perth, Western Australia of a home that has an ant problem. Like, a significant ant problem. In the videographer's own words while I huff a can of Raid to keep ants away and kill all the spiders already living in my brain:

"My friends has some trouble with ants coming into the house. All of a sudden more and more kept appearing. They had a builder come into the bedroom and remove the built-in wardrobe and found thousands and thousands of ants living behind the wardrobe in the bedroom. They called the exterminator who said it was the worst he had ever seen."

I was originally going to say this is an equation that can only be solved with fire, but *passing Raid can back for you to take another huff* then I remembered what happens when you try to burn ants. "They just evolve into more powerful fire ants." Exactly, it's basic Pokemon biology 101. "GW I don't wanna huff any more of this." Shhhhhhh, it's good for us.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Corynn, who agrees ant problems are bad, but an aunt problem can be even worse (somebody bring a couple bottles of chardonnay STAT, we'll try to lead her out into the yard).

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