Nailed It: Guy Trying To Swing Over Alligator Pond Falls In After His Rope Snaps

December 4, 2018

This is a video of 'The Gator Crusader' Michael Womer of Orlando, Florida attempting to swing over a pond of alligators, and winds up landing in the drink with them after his rope snaps. Obviously, Indiana Jones is not impressed.

He said: "I love my alligators more than most people love their own children."

"I put on adventurous, educational demonstrations for guests around the world sharing my love for gators and crocodile Conservation.

So what educational demonstration was this exactly -- what not to do around a pond full of alligators? Because I'm pretty sure everybody already knew 'fall in' was not at the top of the list of survival techniques. 'Trust me, you have to steer into the skid,' I imagine Michael explaining as he tries wrestling one of his legs back from a gator.

Keep going for the video of Indiana Bones in action.

Thanks to Jeffrey S and n0nentity, who agrees somebody needs to invest in some sturdier rope.

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