Massive, Previously Unseen 'Sarlaac Pit' Cave Discovered In Canada

December 5, 2018


This is a short helicopter flyover of a massive cave discovered in Canada during a routine caribou count (how else?) that researchers believe had never been seen by humans previously. It's been nicknamed the 'Sarlaac Pit', presumably by some Star Wars fan who thinks every hole in the ground looks like a sarlaac pit. And they're right (that person was me).

The cave is so big that its mouth alone measures 100 meters (328 feet) by 60 meters (197 feet). But most remarkably of all, experts believe that despite its gigantic size, it is the very first time the cave has been seen by human eyes.

[Geologist Catherine] Hickson suspects that until very recently, the area would have been covered in snow all year round, which would have masked the mouth of the cave and kept it hidden. Between the snow and its less than practical location, the cave has managed to remain free of humans - until this chance discovery.

The location of the being kept under wraps, at least for the time being. The researchers hope this will help protect the (as of now) untouched natural wonder and offer experts a chance to examine it closer.

Awww, they're trying to keep the cave's location secret -- that's cute. Like we don't already know it's just a short sail-barge ride from Jabba's Palace into the Dune Sea. Now grab your spelunking gear and let's go pick through Boba Fett's bones! "Boba survived the sarlaac pit." Then how do you explain *pulling bone out of pocket* THIS? "Is that a finger?" I think it's his penis, I found it in a bag of sand I bought at Home Depot.

Keep going for the video while I zoom and enhance for clues to the cave's location.

Thanks to Closet Nerd, who agrees when you're in desperate need of a potion, the best cave is one where a witch lives.

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