Learning By Looking: An Animated Timeline Of 7 Million Years Of Human Evolution

December 6, 2018


This is an informative video created by the American Museum Of Natural History detailing 7-million years of human evolution, based on the fossil records found in present-day Africa. I actually learned several things watching it. Still, it's crazy to think that even after 7-million years of evolution that none of my friends can start a fire or make a decent weapon out of sticks and rocks. "Um, GW? Aren't all your friends dogs and cats?" Your words hurt me. And for the record, I did have a dog who once turned the stovetop on and set a dress on fire. "Why was there a dress on the stove?" Let's just say It was the first time my girlfriend ever tasted my famous scallop, pea and spaghetti arrabbiata -- need I say more? "Yes." And I spilled the sauce all over her, are you happy now?!

Keep going for the video, unless learning hurts your brain.

Thanks again to hairless, for two very different but equally informative tips in a row.

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