Guy Demonstrates His Sword Mastery With Video Game Effects Added

December 10, 2018

This is a video of Youtuber Misozi-Salaryman slicing and dicing with a variety of different swords, which video editor Vasco added some sweet video game effects to. I'm into it. Of course I'm into swordplay in general and spend every afternoon when I get home from school in the backyard swinging a stick around like a katana. "Does your mom know you do that?" No she does not and *pointing stick menacingly* she's not going to either.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Jan, who agrees video game effects make everything better.

  • Netyro

    More than anything, I wanna know what brand of dress pants he's using that allow him that much mobility

  • shashi
  • Richard H Sanford

    I think the best part is the business suit he's wearing.

  • Bling Nye

    Why does his Japanese sword make European ghost swords in the ground...?

    Are they supposed to represent the swords of the deceased? If so, I guess it makes sense... If they're supposed to represent an amplification of his sword into many swords for super damage... then... not so much.

    Otherwise kinda cool. Pretty close to what I use my imagination for on a daily basis... just getting coffee is epic.

  • He'd still lose to Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat 1.

  • Munihausen

    Or Kintaro in MKII, though to be fair everybody lost to his cheap, tele-stomping garbage.

  • I totally agree.

  • Douchy McDouche

    Goro even.

  • True. Goro was a badass.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    NICE!! That's the kind of stuff I wanted Augmented Reality to be about when I was a kid : doing plain boring moves and having instant feedback through AR as awesome video game moves.

  • Ghost Pirates

    You'll get Garfield GO and like it.

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