Great Ideas: 'Delete My Browser History' Medical Alert Bracelets

December 27, 2018


Just in time to not make it to 2019, these are the $27 'Delete My Browser History' medical alert bracelets created by My Identity Doctor and available on Amazon. They come in five different colors (black, pink, red, white and yellow) and are perfect for the person who's always in such a hurry to see some boobies that they can't be bothered to use privacy mode. Obviously, I just bought one for my roommate (he'll leave p0rn on the television and go get dinner), and once he gets used to wearing it and doesn't pay attention to it anymore I'm going to replace it with one that reads 'Publish My Browser History To The Internet, Even If This Is Just Heartburn Or A Cold'.

Thanks to carey, who agrees 'Throw My Laptop In A Volcano' should also be an option.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    I've got nothing to hide. It's perfectly normal to look up leather bondage clothing for one's dog.

    Now you're going to debate whether or not you should Google that in order to see if it's a real thing.

  • The Continental

    Idea swiped from a meme....saw this 5 years ago.

  • Hilda J. Brown

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  • The Continental

    Holy Fucking Shit!! Thx

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