George R.R. Martin's Guide To New York City Pizza

December 4, 2018


Seen here wearing what I assume is a vest borrowed from Fatz Geronimo of Showbiz Pizza's Rock-A-Fire Explosion band, this is a video of author George R.R. Martin taking a break from his busy schedule of watching his books write themselves to guide us in the ways of New York City pizza. George says the most important aspects of a good New York City pizza are a very thin but still flavorful crust, and the use of a coal fired oven to cook the pizza. He specifically gives John's Pizzeria, Lombardi's and Di Fara shoutouts, but insists you shouldn't "get any weird stuff on it though. None of this sprouts or pineapple or anything like that." Personally I happen to like sprouts and pineapple pizza, but that's just me and I'm a raccoon and four out of five of my most recent meals have come out of garbage bags I've torn open.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to K Diddie, who agrees they should really invite the Ninja Turtles to do this segment next.

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