Coyote Peterson Takes A Sting From An Executioner Wasp, His Most Painful To Date

December 27, 2018


Because sting addictions don't cure themselves, this is a video of '2019 was probably just gonna suck anyways' Coyote Peterson taking a sting from an executioner wasp in Costa Rica. He said the pain was the most intense he's felt so far, even more intense than the bullet ant and Japanese giant hornet. But what about the fury of a woman scorned? Also, using insects like that for reference is a poor reference because I don't know how painful a Japanese giant hornet's sting or bullet ant's bite is because I'm not out there jamming them into my forearm like some crazed insect addict. Stubbing my toe, breaking my arm, accidentally crushing my penis between the toilet seat and rim of the bowl because it's an emergency and I'm sitting down at the same time I'm lowering the seat -- that's pain I can relate too. "Wait, what?" I told you, I've broken my arm twice.

Keep going for the video. Actual sting is around 11:15 and I only feel bad for the wasp -- it didn't even want to sting him and be part of this fetish video.

Thanks to Caroline J and n0nentity, who agree executioner is clearly a misnomer.

  • Definitely Not Danielle

    Look, I don’t really know what was anyone’s problem with this video, but I somehow see this as really hateful. I get it, we get it, the world gets it, ya’ll are not a fan of this type of videos on YouTube. Or as I’ve observed in the comments, some of ya’ll are not even ‘amused’ by the idea of YouTube personalities, to put it lightly. But whether some of ya’ll are as dumb to jump into conclusions or trolls that have nothing else to do with their lives, these videos are put up for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES. Coyote even says it himself.

    If you think he’s squeezing the poor insect, no he’s not. The tool he uses actually has really soft tips, just enough for any ant, wasp, or bees.

    If you feel bad for the poor insect, he has a kind friking heart, kind enough to let it go free. Kind enough to not even SWEAR after each and every sting he gets.

    So here I was searching if the official insect pain index had been updated and actually see this. Check out some of Brave Wilderness’ older videos if none of ya’ll was click bait and stop whining over every mistake and crappy detail you see.

    Why did I take the time to write all this? I must reply with, why would anyone take time to write that^? It made absolutely no point, and it gave away no valid argument except that he “overreacts” which is crappy and invalid and is too unbelievable. Argue with me all you want, unless if you have a video or document OR PROOF that says otherwise.

    Stop saying he overreacted. Some people have high pain tolerance and some have none. So stop whining and post a video on YouTube of you getting stung by harvester ants, fire ants, velvet ants, a cow killer, warrior wasp, bullet ant, and the executioner wasp and you tell me! Dont even think about monetizing it if you think Coyote and his crew does it all for the clicks! I may not have the balls to do so, but Im not the one who’s going against his actions.

    I bid your ass adieu.

  • Deksam

    He said and I quote on his Centipede Bite Worse Than ALL Stings video, "that this centipede sting was so much worse then a Bullet Ant sting"...
    But then all he ever compares this Executioner Wasp sting to is the Bullet Ant???!! Somethings a miss....

  • Definitely Not Danielle

    He... he clearly says that this is the INSECT PAIN INDEX. The centipede might have been worse, but what has that got to do with insects? Absolutely nothing. Smh

  • Jenness

    "I feel bad for the wasp.." Yeah, me too. He had to really squeeze it to get it to do that. Which, incidentally makes me feel a lot better because I am not going to be grabbing, squeezing and pressing one of those into my arm.

  • Big Dog on Krampus

    as pointed out in the write-up, rewatch after the sting and imagine he's having a super intense orgasm

  • Deksam

    The first 10 to 11 minutes of his so called "last video" is the most painful, skip to 11:10 and spare yourself.

  • Douchy McDouche

    His overreaction to every sting reminds of Talladega Nights' invisible fire scene.

  • Eric Ord

    This vid reminds me of earlier when ThatAtheistGirl said my posts don't contribute anything

  • Eric Ord

    When did you change your name?!

  • Never.

  • Eric Ord

    It used to be ThatAtheistGirl.

  • Maybe in an alternate reality.
    Although, on some other sites I use theatheistgirl.

  • Eric Ord

    That's exactly what I was going to say! It's more likely you shifted to an alternative dimension than I misremembered!

  • I hate it when I do that.
    Gives me a stinking headache.

  • Eric Ord
  • Gordon Freeman

    Now if only we could weaponize that venom to use on all YouTube personalities...

  • Definitely Not Danielle

    Yeah you could. But then you’d be in millions and millions of dollars in debt depending on the net worth of each personality. And the venom won’t kill an individual anyway, it’ll just put them in immense pain for a certain amount of time.
    And now that I think about it, this is not a critique, kindly get your ass off the internet.

  • Adibobea9

    Can't wait till he has to step up his game and enter an enclosed case full of 100 insects taking sting after sting, just for the clicks…

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