Compilation Of Parents Turning The TV Off While Their Kids Are Playing Fortnite

December 14, 2018

This is a clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live! in which Jimmy challenged parents to turn the television off while their kids are in the middle of a game of Fortnite. Those first two kids' cracking voices will forever haunt my dreams. Highlights include cursing, a bunch of kids trying to slap the phone out of their parents' hands (those boys are presumably dead now), and a mom who tries to turn the TV off manually but can't find the button. But mostly it's just pure sadness. And these are the videos they were able to air on television -- I'm trembling at the thought of the ones they weren't and are now police evidence.

Keep going for the video of our doomed youth.

Thanks to Cliff S and hairless, for reminding me of the time my mom turned off The Legend Of Zelda and I ran away from home for twenty minutes before returning for a snack.

  • shashi

    Parent: "Hey kid, here's some tasty crack for you"
    Kid: "Jeez thanks i love it"
    *knocks crack pipe out of hand, smashing it into tiny pieces*
    Parent: "FACK OFF, no more crack you little shit"

  • Mr Coco

    can we stop recording with vertical video? for Fux sake.

  • jimmycleaver

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is our future generation.

  • Mungui

    The real shitty part isn't the prank itself, is how these parents apparently have never done a good enough job for their kids NOT to react like this. As frustrating as it is to see kids behave like neanderthals, the fault is all on their parents. If you have a healthy relationship with any activity (in this case, playing a fucking videogame) you don't get to react like that by something as inconsequential as potentially losing a videogame match. A lot of the problems with younger generations is that parents are too dumb or too lazy to raise their kids with limits and boundaries.

  • Mysterio Don Lefluerflin

    Oh yeah, this seems healthy, that when the game is turned off the first thing most of these children do is lose their mind, get angry, and freak out. I don't care about video games, in fact, I play them regularly. However, when that type of emotional reaction takes place, its clear that there's an unhealthy connection going on.

  • Tom

    It probably doesn't help that modern games are deliberately designed to be addictive first, and fun second (if at all).*

    The new model seems to be that the addictive mechanics are free and last forever - sometimes there isn't even a defined win-state at all - but the enjoyable content quickly trails off and the difficulty ramps up until it's literally impossible to progress, so you then have to pay continuously for the thing you're now hopelessly addicted to to remain somewhat enjoyable and not become a chore.

    The dirty little trick is that your enjoyment is tied not to the content itself, but your continued progression through it; the content itself might actually turn out to be pretty bland and entirely lacking in nuance or weight were you to be able to stop and engage with it at your own pace for five minutes, instead of seeing it rush past in a superficial blur - so the games typically don't let you do that.

    *Granted, to a personality like mine, ALL video games are addictive - but they weren't originally intentionally designed to be like that.

  • Tom

    This is nothing new. I used to get addicted to SNES games 25 years ago, and mum *would* kill the power if I didn't keep it under control and get some homework done or otherwise make use of my evening for something more constructive. I hated it, of course, I seldom handled it with good grace, but hey, I was a kid, and one thing I never said, even when raging against the bitterness of the world as the screen went black, was that it wasn't "fair." (Bear in mind that you couldn't *save* your game back then, either...)

    Then again, I knew from the start that that was the deal, and usually got at least a few minutes' warning first, which is kind of the difference between stable, reasonable parenting and just being a dick to your kid and destroying their future expectation of fair treatment from you.

    Oh, yeah, she also didn't have it shown on national television.

  • TheMajesticWaterRuffalo

    Lots of swearing from these kids, is that just accepted now? Mine are too young, I don't know what to expect.

  • FearlessFarris

    You decide what is acceptable, and enforce those standards with your kids. I'm an adult with three children of my own, and to this day I'd never swear in front of my mom.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I'm the same way. I only rarely let profanity slip in front of either of my parents. My dad is less anti-profanity than my mom is but mostly I don't swear in front of either of them.

  • asadachi

    where's the video of those kids getting their asses beat? What shitty parents.

  • MustacheHam

    Yikes. None of this was funny.
    This behavior would result in off camera grounding a removal of system. You don't treat your elders like that, even with this mean prank.

  • Tigerh8r

    I thought the kid who calmly asked his dad what was wrong with him and then told him to go cook something was pretty funny, the others not so much.

  • Bling Nye

    Y'know, I agree, but I gotta add that respect is a two way street, and for a parent to do that with no prior warning is pretty shitty behavior itself frankly. If that's how they think it's ok to act, it's no fucking wonder their kids think it's ok to act how they did.

    Parents that respect their kids have kids that respect their parents.

  • Tom

    Agreed; you're not deserving of the term "elder" if you prank
    your kid, especially at an early age. It has the potential to be hugely psychologically damaging; a
    parent needs to be one person that a child can
    trust absolutely, a source of stability and predictability in their life
    that they can rely on. They need to know you've got their back, and treatment like this can feel, to a child, like parental rejection. Sadly, for too many kids, you may be the only such source they have, and even if they have others, for most of early life the parents are by far the most important ones.

    Harry Harlow's infamous experiments, cruel and unethical though they were, showed the importance of things like this. Infants need parental warmth and affection more than they need to *eat.* Kids that don't have a stable, reliable "home base," with *consistently* protective, caring parental figures, grow up fearful and insecure. There's still much ongoing research on this (thankfully it no longer involves deliberately traumatizing infant monkeys), in particular in Attachment Theory. I believe there's now some evidence that inconsistently appropriate or otherwise unpredictable parental behaviour may actually be even more damaging than consistently abusive parental behaviour.

  • BMan56

    What a sad display of humanity. These parents are the worst. Doing this crap to get on TV and then letting their kids act that way. I was a video game playing fiend as a child so I can understand the kids’ reactions, but if I ever cursed at my parents or knocked an expensive phone out of their hands there would be hell to pay. Let’s hope some real parenting happened off camera.

  • Douchy McDouche

    Fortnite is cancer. They're doing their kids a favor.

  • massecurr

    waaaaaaaaa a game is popular god forbid children enjoy a thing

  • FearlessFarris

    These children are horrible, and the parents who raised them only have themselves to blame.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    *parents shutdown kid's activity, kids reacts appropriately*
    "OMG, those kids are horrible!"

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