Company Testing A Fried Chicken Nugget Vending Machine

December 14, 2018


This is a short video of the fried chicken nugget vending machine currently being tested by Japanese convenience store chain Lawson Inc. at one of its Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo locations. The machine can allegedly fry and serve piping hot chicken nuggets in just over a minute. I wonder how often they change the frier oil. The less often, the better -- that's my motto. Of course I also refuse to boil my hotdogs in anything but the same covered pot of water I've had sitting on the back of the stove for four months. My girlfriend thinks it's disgusting, but-- "I've seen him make tea with it." *shrug* I was drunk and feeling extra culinary.

Keep going for a shot of the finished product and a video.


Thanks to Dave R, who agrees the nugget, along with the slice, are the food shapes of the gods.

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