New Christmas Tunes Generated By Artificial Intelligence

December 18, 2018


This is a series of Christmas tunes generated by the folks at Made By AI after feeding a neural network around a hundred Christmas songs in MIDI form and training it to produce its own jingle jangles (sans lyrics). Some more info while I deck the halls WITH SKULLS:

The team behind Made by AI has trained a neural network that creates interesting new variants of Christmas music as part of an internal Christmas AI hack.

The technique behind the generated tunes builds on LSTM:s (Long short-term memory) with input data that the model have been trained on. The data consisted of around hundred Christmas tunes, in the form of MIDI files, a common file type for music sheets.

The tunes generated with AI have similarities with classical rememberable Christmas music - and that is the point - otherwise it would be a random tune with no connection to the upcoming Holidays.

A deeper technical explanation on exactly what is going on with the AI generated Christmas tunes can be found HERE along with the tracks.

An interesting project. I only hope next year they have the time to make songs with lyrics because I'd be curious to hear what the AI comes up with, but presumably something about roasting Santa in the snow and kissing reindeer underneath the mistletoe.

Keep going for five of my new favorite Christmas jams.

Thanks to Savas, who's actually part of the Made By AI team, and to Thaylor H, who's part of my team and we always win except when we're going to lose, then we cheat.

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