An Analysis Of Why There Are So Few Smartphones In Popular Movies

December 7, 2018


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This is a video analysis created by The Nerdwriter discussing why there are so few smartphones seen in popular movies. The video is almost eight minutes long, but his basic idea is that "the most popular things -- the biggest movies, TV shows and even digital media, are a reflection of what we want to see," and we don't want to see people with their noses buried in smartphones all the time and if you did you could literally look anywhere else but a movie screen. It's all about escapism. "Did you even watch it?" What part of 'the video is almost eight minutes long' did you not understand? Besides, I know I'm right.

Keep going for the video.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I would say that a lot of movie plot and tension would be resolved in seconds with smartphones or cell phones or... basically any kind of modern connectivity.

  • I always figured it was just because showing the latest technology in your films in an instant way to make your films dated when new technology inevitably replaces it. Also, I assume the companies that make the phones would want a hefty payment if their product was used in a film in any recognizable way.

  • kodama

    Huh? Generally money flows the other way: companies pay to have their products featured (product placement).

  • Nicholas Conrad

    I find the argument unconvincing. Blockbusters are not a reflection of our collective innermost desires (whatever that could possibly mean), but a lowest-common-denominator of entertainment acceptability.

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