All It Can't Do Is Fly (Yet): Legless Amphibious Robot Can Move Over All Terrain

December 20, 2018

These are two videos of the legless, amphibious Velox robot developed by Pliant Energy Systems, presumably to repopulate the earth with rudimentary fish-crawling-out-of-water style robots following humanity's inevitable extinction. Obviously, I don't feel too good about it. "What's new?" My sneakers! "Wait -- are those both lefts?" Got a great deal on them. Besides, they'll probably take months of regular wear before I'm an irreversible hunchback. Hopefully the world has ended by then, or doctors have at least found a cure for hunchback.

Keep going for the videos while I tie my own shoe laces together, blame it on Greg, and try to get him fired.

Thanks to K Diddie, who agrees there is officially nowhere to run and nowhere hide anymore. The jig is up.

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