WTF Is Wrong With You?: Man Samples Soup Straight From Ladle At Grocery Store Soup Bar

November 1, 2018


Because humans are by nature disgusting monsters, this is a short video from a grocery store's soup bar of a man sampling some of the product straight from the serving ladle, presumably after swinging by the dairy section for some quick whip-its. How the hell are you old enough to have gray hair and think that this is acceptable behavior? What an animal. No word how many grapes he also ate, but I'm assuming all of them, plus a couple plums. Whatever you do, just please don't show me the footage of what this sociopath does at the olive bar.

Keep going for the video while I Sharpie 'FREE, TAKE ME' on the bowl of grocery store soup bar soup I have in the break room fridge.

Thanks to Alan C, who claims he saw this guy open one of the rotisserie chickens near the checkout and start gnawing on a bone. I believe it.

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