Woodpecker Does Best Machine Gun Impression On Steel Roof

November 12, 2018


Note: Volume, cat woodpecker on a hot tin cold steel roof.

This is a video from Kharkov, Ukraine of a woodpecker who demands to be heard. In this case, in the form of banging its head against the top flashing of a corrugated steel roof (I've done the same thing before and it definitely gets attention). Some more info:

"One day, people got scared by the sound of a machine gun. It actually turned out that it was a woodpecker who likes to peck at one of the houses with an iron roof in the morning."

Well, that's certainly one way to wake up in the morning. Who needs breakfast in bed brought by your scantily clad lover when you have a machine gun woodpecker on your roof? "Not I!" says the person who wasn't paying attention and only pretends like they were when they realize a question was asked.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Kaz, who agrees somebody needs to buy that bird a drum set -- and preferably far, far way from my house.

  • https://i.makeagif.com/medi... Keep the change you filthy animal

  • Bosun Higgs

    I saw something like this years ago, only the woodpecker was attacking a metal high-tension tower. The tower wasn't the usual erector set of open girders, but a tube of metal, like the pylons for modern windmills. That tube rang from all over the neighborhood. And the bird was far too high to be reached by merely hand-throwing a rock, or something. He'd be up there for hours.

  • bakuryu

    Shared suffering with no apparent solution: that's how religions spawns.
    Or battle royale.

  • Roark

    This was my childhood - Growing up in a rural area and, being woken up by woodpeckers drilling the metal gutters. Natures Alarm Clock - Many dreams about being in the trenches on the front line of a major war

  • Ollie Williams

    That little guy would not be alive very long if that were near my house.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I just watched a Tom Segura special where he talks about his dad waking him up to shoot a woodpecker. It was an endangered species.

  • Ollie Williams

    First of all, high five for watching Tom Segura. That guy is funny as shit. Second, they are protected here as well, but my home is worth more than a woodpecker, and I will take the fine if it means making sure those little assholes don't damage my house.

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