Woman Tries To Cannonball Through Frozen Lake, Fails

November 19, 2018


Note: Probably NSFW on account of bra and thong.

This is a video of a thonged Russian woman attempting to cannonball through a frozen lake. She doesn't break the ice, although she does crack it a little. Crack, LOLOL, I saw hers! Still, she's lucky she didn't break a foot or her tailbone. I've broken my tailbones before. "It's tailbone, not tailbones -- you only have one." Not when you actually have a tail. "You don't have a tail." *drops it like it's hot, flipping off light switch* You were saying?

Keep going for the video while I try to figure out what the hell is up with that dude's laugh.

Thanks to Jules, who's not convinced she knew the lake was frozen. Also a real possibility.

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