What The Heck Was That?: Video Of Creepy Talking Cat

November 19, 2018


This is a video of Twitter user llritotomohiro's cat Chibi Maru performing what I can only assume is some sort of satanic incantation. 'He seems to say, "Ololiloliloliloliloliiiloli," reports SoraNews24.' Several other cat owners commented on the video stating that their cats often make similar noises just before puking, although llritotomohiro assured them this was not the case with Chibi Maru, he just did this for a minute then resumed his normal activities, presumably with twelve lives now. No word what he traded to the devil for three extra lives, but I'm guessing llritotomohiro's soul. Man, trading things that aren't even yours to begin with -- now that's one smart cat.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Charlotte, who's smart enough to know cat owners' souls actually ARE owned by their cats.

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