Visions Of The Future: Robotic Hotel Rooms On Wheels That Can Shuttle You Around As You Sleep Or Shower, Deliver Room Service Via Drone

November 26, 2018

These are Aprilli Design Studio's conceptual 'Autonomous Travel Suites.' They're electric-powered autonomous vehicles with the equivalent of a very small hotel room inside that can drive a person to their destination while they sleep, shower or work, and have room service delivered through the sunroof via drone. "So it's a tiny autonomous RV." Well when you put it that way...

The vehicle's designers note that travellers would simply specify the route they wanted to take via an app.

They could program stops along the way, or just journey straight through to their final destination.

So that travellers wouldn't miss out on the usual perks of staying in a hotel, Aprilli says it plans to install dozens of hotel facilities across road networks.

These stop-off points would house 'public amenities such as food and beverage, meeting room, spa, pool, and gym along with housekeeping, maintenance, and charging services for the travel suites'.

But does it have privacy windows for joining the *tape measuring height from road to top of bed* three and a half feet high club? Asking for a friend who's never had sex in a moving vehicle before. "Is that friend you, GW?" What? No -- my girlfriend and I were on the back of the bus in Speed and thought we were goners. "Oh wow." We did it twice.

Keep going for several more shots and a video.




Thanks to Thaylor H, who agrees that, while the future is clearly on its way, it isn't moving nearly fast enough to get here before the end of the world (March at the latest).

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