Video Of Blizzard Announcing New Mobile-Only Diablo Game At BlizzCon, Crowd Being Outraged

November 12, 2018


This is a slightly edited (mostly for length) video of Blizzard announcing a new mobile-only Diablo game (Diablo Immortal) at their recent BlizzCon, and the crowd being none too thrilled about the move to a mobile-only platform (read: no PC or console gameplay). The disappointment from the crowd is palpable. Then the Q&A begins and two fans of the franchise let them know how they really feel. SPOILER: they don't feel good, and I can only imagine pitchfork and torch sales are through the roof right now.

Keep going for the video, brutal Q&A session begins at 1:40. What were they expecting, roses and a kiss?

Thanks to my brother Frank, who when we were kids I convinced the pits in the water levels of the original Super Mario Bros. were warp zones so he'd die and it would be my turn again. :)

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