Video Of Blizzard Announcing New Mobile-Only Diablo Game At BlizzCon, Crowd Being Outraged

November 12, 2018


This is a slightly edited (mostly for length) video of Blizzard announcing a new mobile-only Diablo game (Diablo Immortal) at their recent BlizzCon, and the crowd being none too thrilled about the move to a mobile-only platform (read: no PC or console gameplay). The disappointment from the crowd is palpable. Then the Q&A begins and two fans of the franchise let them know how they really feel. SPOILER: they don't feel good, and I can only imagine pitchfork and torch sales are through the roof right now.

Keep going for the video, brutal Q&A session begins at 1:40. What were they expecting, roses and a kiss?

Thanks to my brother Frank, who when we were kids I convinced the pits in the water levels of the original Super Mario Bros. were warp zones so he'd die and it would be my turn again. :)

  • Who the duck makes a PC LEGEND entirely mobile?!

    Lead Game designers are not great hype front men for massive crowds by the way - what a stupid move all around?!

    All the dollars and NO SENSE

  • Mitch Johnson

    Just about the dumbest thing Blizz has ever done....I think its the beginning of the end.

  • abcdefgjklmnopqruvwxyz

    In 2014, they had a Diablo mobile game as an April Fool's joke...

  • Adibobea9

    Who thought it was a good idea to open the mic for a Q&A session…?

  • JJtoob

    You know, that's not as horrible an idea as having a Q&A session with no competent people to spin things around, not that they could have done much, but those guys on stage sure knew how to make their audience angrier than they already were...

  • Wilf Smith

    This is what you get when you build up a bs culture of ego prancing around on stages to announce the new corp crap your crap corp is releasing, oh so popular in the world of tech - and then you fail to live up to your own hype. Ugh.

    I hate the overblown circus these events are - I can just imagine if everything in the world was run this way. Woo, yeah, explosions, big screen... new recipe can of beans... oooh, yeah, wooo, yay, lets hear it for the new recipe. Jeez. It's like a consumer culture wet dream. You can bet your ass in the boardroom the conversation is all about unit sales, price points, and how we can maximize our marketing.

    I read an article on the motley fool about activision and its share price, and if you wanna see the reality of the situation for these corps look no further. Barely a mention of a game, or imagination or creativity. Just all about the margins, future price, underutilized segments of the market. You could be selling anything from wristwatches to cars. No soul. No care. Just all about the money. Games companies - or indeed any company - may start as a business with heart and soul, a creative vision, but by the time they hit corp status, nobody cares, they have become a money machine, and they simply no longer care about what they peddle, just whether it makes money.

  • @wilfsmith:disqus knows wft is up. Also, just a bunch of middle management looking at potential profits and nothing else (MOBILE IS TEH FUTURE!1) without understanding the actual gameplay, game, or customer. They just understand imaginary profit graphs.

  • sizzlepants

    This is kind of like when Nintendo released Metroid Stikers a few years and people went nuts to the point where you can barely find info about it online now. The concept was sound - a 3 on 3 combat sports game similar to Rocket League. On it's own it would be fine, as an announcement for a new Metroid franchise it was terrible.

    Activision / Blizzard are doing the exact same thing here. It's not that a mobile game in the Blizz universe is bad, but announcing it as the next flagship title in the Diablo franchise seems like an obvious mistake. The fact that they got this right with Heroes of the Storm (featuring all of their characters in a new MOBA) and Overwatch (new characters instead of making a Starcraft-centric), So the fact that they turned around and announced a mobile Diablo game that initially looks like a re-skin of existing 'action' mobile games is baffling.

    As others have said - know your audience. That billion WoW pulls in every quarter comes from desktop gamers.

  • JJtoob

    Not a Diablo fan here, but where they really fucked up was the stage where they announced it and how long winded the intro was, as if it was going to be something great. You can tell they either did no research, or they work in an environment full of "yes" people, who don't challenge ideas or voice concerns. This is the epitome of being out of touch with your customers.

    Now, I wouldn't have made so much noise about it if I had been a fan, just like I don't make so much noise about other stuff I don't like, I simply vote with my wallet. I personally would have walked out of there and hopefully everyone would follow.

  • Fartbutt

    The best part about this whole disastrous scandal is that a few days later gear grinding games was like "hold my beer" and released a trailer for path of exile for ps4 that is almost similar to diablo 2 if not better in terms of art style, and not that cartoony bullshit like diablo 3. It's free to play, not pay to win and I'm pretty excited to play it in 2 weeks. Here's a trailer

  • MegaVolt

    we've been playing it for several years on pc. we know what it is.

  • Fartbutt

    We know you have been playing it for several years on PC. No one cares

  • flyppster

    I thought they were going to re-release the original Diablo in iOS. I didn't know it's the latest... I'm no longer a PC gamer. I just don't have much time anymore, bu this is a load of crap not making available on PC. Haven't you learned from FortNite?

  • Jenness

    This was painful to watch. I can't imagine being forced to go on stage and hype something that you know the audience will think it's crap and you have to attempt to make lemonade out of crap.

    You know at the work the next day these dudes got the head nods that most people get when someone passes away in their family " ....I heard. So sorry."

  • Ez

    I don't understand this at all. Blizzard said prior to Blizzcon that Diablo 4 was not ready to be announced. All the speculation I heard pre-Blizzcon was that something mobile would come out. Did people really think Blizzard was just teasing them by saying Diablo 4 wasn't ready?

  • Nick Pappagiorgio

    Agreed, it is stupid people still expected D4, that being said it still sucks to go to Blizzcon, the biggest show of the year for the hardcore Blizz fan and at their biggest showcase of the show they reveal... a mobile game from a company known for microtransaction-laden knockoffs. It looks really bad on Blizzard that they thought this was the appropriate venue to reveal that.

    I can understand being mad about it for the people there. Then there's also concern about the subtext of it and the potential direction they company is moving in as well.

    edit: If they'd have announced Warcraft 3 there instead off that Diablo mobile game, they would have received all of the positive reaction they were looking for. If they'd have saved the mobile game for a smaller side thing you would have never heard a word about any of this.

  • Javier Arreola

    FU mobile-only Diablo Immortal

  • Nicholas Conrad

    Maybe it's not for you, and that's ok. Not everything has to be about you all the time. Lots of people don't have gaming rigs, and Blizzard can make content they can enjoy also, geez.

    ...But in fairness, casual gamers aren't flying out to blizcon, maybe know your audience and announce this title at e3 instead.

  • Matth. R.

    Maybe this geekologie article is not for you, and that's ok. (etc.)

  • Nicholas Conrad

    Yeah, I didn't even watch the video.

  • James Mcelroy

    or be like, Hey Guys, we're working on the next super awesome Diablo, but in the mean time, so you can get your fix, here's a kick ass mobile version...

  • The second mouths started dropping and the room went silent, I would have LIED and said exactly that.

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