Video Of A Ferrari Formula 1 Car Getting A 1.97-Second Four Tire Change Pit Stop

November 14, 2018

This is a video of the top three pit stops from the 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix, including a 1.97-second four tire change on Sebastian Vittel's number 5 Ferrari. Now that's fast. For reference, the last time I got a flat it took me 10 minutes just to find the spare, then another 30 minutes of my girlfriend telling me I'm putting it on wrong before stepping away to call AAA behind my back. "He was trying to put it on backwards." Haha, she's kidding. "I wish I was." Come on, I don't go airing your dirty laundry all over Geekologie -- BUT MAYBE I'LL START. *digging through hamper* Haha, what's this?! "It's called a bra." *drapes over head like a giant eyepatch* Shiver me timbers!

Keep going for the whole video including two fast but not as fast pit stops from other teams.

Thanks to FS Bakker, who wants to see an oil change that fast.

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