UK Retailer Selling Top-Half Only Christmas Trees For Households With Mischievous Cats

November 29, 2018


These are the 6-Foot Half Parasol Christmas Trees available from UK retailer Argos. They come in unadorned green (~$43) and fake snowed on (~$48) varieties and make the perfect tree for homes with mischievous cats, young children, or an absolute shit-ton of presents. Not in to fake trees? Just buy a real tree then trim all the bottom branches off yourself. That's what I did. Then you can use the cut limbs to build yourself a little fort or something. I don't know, get creative. I brought all my leftover branches into work to burn in a wastebasket and give the office that authentic holiday smell. You can practically hear the sleigh bells ringing! "That's a fire truck." *pushes flaming wastebasket over to Greg's desk* I warned him he had too much holiday sprit.

Keep going for a shot of the two varieties side-by-side.


Thanks to Allyson S, who agrees that knocking over a Christmas tree, by default, puts a cat on Santa's naughty list for at minimum of two lives.

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