Trailer For An Animated Fan-Remake Of Shrek Where Every Scene Is In A Different Artist's Own Style

November 20, 2018

This is the trailer for Shrek Retold, a scene-for-scene fan-remake of Shrek, with every scene animated (or in some cases live-actioned) in the particular style of the artist who worked on it, with over 200 different artists represented. A lot of it looks like an acid trip. The rest looks like a trip on drugs even more powerful than acid, like God's breath. "What's God's breath?" It's what I call whatever comes out of the unmarked aerosol can under the sink in my bathroom. PROTIP: Do not try to shower on that stuff unless you're cool with sharks.

Keep going for the whole trailer.

Thanks to Linby, who agrees every movie ever should get this treatment.

  • Hazakabammer

    This looks absolutely fucking terrible. And it wasted so many people's time to put this stupid shit together and then it further wasted my time that I watched it thinking it might be funny. Really it's just a sad, sad, saaad, glimpse into western society. I cringe at the thought someone who isn't white will see this and associate me with it.
    I don't doubt they'll be using this type of shit to smear white people in a few years on a "Whites do the darnedest things" type show.

  • FIRST!

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