The Officially Licensed Pickle Rick Christmas Tree Ornament (And Plumbus)

November 30, 2018


This is the officially licensed Rick And Morty Pickle Rick Christmas tree ornament available from ThinkGeek ($10). The plumbus seen beside it is also available for $15. Did you know hanging a pickle Christmas tree ornament is actually a US tradition dating all the way back to the late 1800's because this country is basically an infant? Let me Wikipedia that for you:

The Christmas pickle is a Christmas tradition for some people in the United States. A decoration in the shape of a pickle is hidden on a Christmas tree, with the finder receiving either a reward or good fortune for the following year. There are a number of different origin stories attributed to the tradition, including an origination in Germany. This theory has since been discounted, and it is now thought to be an American tradition created in the late 19th century.

Fascinating -- absolutely fascinating. I assume the tradition actually began when people who were too poor to afford ornaments just hung food on the tree. Which, fun fact -- is actually the origin of the original shiny red ball ornaments -- turnips! "I find that hard to believe." You calling me a liar? I'm practically the spirit of Christmas.

Keep going for a couple more shots.





Thanks to Stephanie B, who agrees the funnest way to decorate a Christmas tree is put the hooks on ornaments then lob them into the tree from across the room. FACT.

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