That Freaky-Deaky, Full-Length Scene-For-Scene Remake Of Shrek From Over 200 Different Artists Is Out Now

November 30, 2018


This is Shrek Retold, a full-length scene-for-scene remake of Shrek as animated and acted out by over 200 different artists (trailer previously posted HERE). It is everything I hoped for and more. Now I'm not saying watching this is going to be a new holiday tradition for my family, but I did just feed my girlfriend's entire Christmas movie DVD collection to the garbage disposal, which means it's 24 nights of Shrek Retold from here till Christmas! "Wait -- you did what?" Nothing dear! "Why aren't Love Actually and The Holiday in their cases?!" Beats me, you probably let someone borrow them. "Well you better hope I let someone borrow all the knives in the knife drawer too." I was going to buy you all the Blu-Rays for Christmas, I swear!

Keep going for the whole movie.

Thanks to Linby, who promised to remind me when this came out, and didn't let me down. Thanks, champ!

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