Take Us To Your Leader: Freaky Deaky Alien Looking Barn Owls Discovered In Ceiling

November 12, 2018


This is a video from India where two young barn owls were discovered in the ceiling of a construction site. Apparently after the video was posted online, many people on Indian social media mistook the birds for aliens, and I can 100% understand why they might think that. *offering Reese's Pieces* Now tell me how to build a laser blaster! I'm kidding, if you actually think these two little guys are aliens, clearly you've never been abducted before. *tightening chin strap on tin foil helmet* I ain't going back to that ship.

Keep going for the video, but watch with the audio off (one of those crummy voice-synthesized news reports).

Thanks to hairless, who agrees the real aliens are under the sea.

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