Squirrels Solve Pillar Obstacle Course To Get At Nuts

November 13, 2018

This is a clip from A Squirrel's Guide to Success on PBS of a group of squirrels learning to make their way across a pillar-based obstacles course to get at some delicious hazelnuts. The obstacle course's creators believed that the squirrels would learn from trial-and-error to avoid the red, springy pads and eventually only use the stationary blue ones to reach the nuts. That was not the case. Instead, the squirrels learned to speed across the red pads with a single leap and use two steps on the blue ones in between to restabilize themselves. Fascinating. Of course an even easier way to solve this obstacle (and the way I deal with most obstacles in life), is to convince yourself the nuts aren't worth it and go take a nap in a tree.

Keep going for the whole video.

Thanks to IM Patty, for informing me the video includes the line, "Driven on by their desire for nuts..." at 1:50. Valuable info, consider it internalized.

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