Special Requests: Pizza Delivery Man Is Instructed To Scream Instead Of Ringing Doorbell

November 5, 2018


PROTIP: Keep your volume in check.

This is a video of a pizza delivery man who was requested to scream instead of ringing the doorbell. SHANNON!! YOUR PIZZA!! IS HEEEEEERE!! I don't care if I did make the special request, I would have had a heart attack if I heard that. Had a heart attack, then eaten a whole large pizza, an order of breadsticks, and downed a 2-liter of Mr. Pibb. Remember: unless you're being death penaltied, you never know what meal might be your last.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Allyson S, who agrees you haven't lived until you've had a pizza delivery man open the door and shoot fireworks into your house.

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