Smokin' And Drankin': A Whiskey Sipping Glass With A Place To Rest Your Cigar

November 1, 2018


Because one-upping your pals at poker night is how friends establish who has the bigger johnson, this is the $25 Corkcicle Cigar Glass, a double Old Fashioned (aka rocks) glass with a place to rest your Cuban. Why? I'm not really sure -- you're going to have to ash the cigar anyways, why not just rest it in the ashtray? "The world is my ashtray." Spoken like a true American. Also, this looks like a great way to accidentally burn your face drinking from the wrong side of the glass. "Only a complete idiot would do that." Oh -- totally. Hey do you have any Neosporin?

Keep going for a few more shots, and props if you can take a sip and puff simultaneously.




Thanks to hairless, who invited me over for poker night, which I politely declined because I'm holding out for an Old Maid or Go Fish night.

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