Shot Of A Beautiful Rainbow Swamp Caused By Naturally Occurring Oils

November 27, 2018


Note: Larger version HERE in case you want to actually try tasting the rainbow (I did and it tasted like screen dust, but maybe you'll have better luck).

This is a photograph taken of a cyprus swamp in Virginia's First Landing State Park by Allison Goz and posted to the internet by her boyfriend Brent Rossen because the two of them wanted to know why the water was rainbow colored. Thankfully, a professional chimed in with an answer. A correct answer? That's debatable:

Jeff Ripple, a former Florida swamp walk leader, told the BBC: "The rainbow sheens found as a thin film on top of pooled water in swamps and marshes are the result of natural oils released by decaying vegetation or the biological processes of anaerobic bacteria reducing iron in soil.

Fascinating, former Florida swamp walk leader Jeff Ripple. Or should I say....BIGFOOT. Dum dum dum! Don't even act like you didn't just discover homemade bath bombs on Etsy and are trying to cover your tracks.

Thanks to Brianna, who's convinced 2019 is really going to be Bigfoot's year.

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