Problem Solving: Shopping Cart Return Life Hack

November 13, 2018

This is a video from Greenville, South Carolina of a woman returning a shopping car with her car. In the videographer's own words, although I'm not convinced it isn't a lie and this was staged. Regardless, I am impressed with the driver's breakneck speed:

"I was about to go into a store when I heard an unusual sound. After watching a bit I noticed someone returning shopping buggies in a most unusual fashion!"

Alternatively, just leave the shopping cart in the parking spot next to your car like every other @$$hole on the planet. Just don't be surprised if I'm there to yell at you. "Please tell me you don't hang out in grocery store parking lots on weekends just to yell at people not returning their carts." I'M DOING THIS COMMUNITY A SERVICE. Now can you sign this? "What's it for?" My court-ordered community service.

Keep going for the whole video in case you prefer some suspense at the beginning of your videos while I daydream about my mom doing this and letting me ride in the cart.

Thanks to Josh J, who agrees if you aren't riding your shopping cart back to the corral like a child you're missing out on half the fun of shopping in the first place. One time I got hit by a car backing out of a spot and pretended I was dead!

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