Prayers Answered: Alexa-Enabled Big Mouth Billy Bass Comes To Amazon

November 29, 2018


In what can only be described as the first Christmas miracle of the 2018 holiday season, Amazon has just announced a $40 Alexa-enabled version of Big Mouth Billy Bass will be available starting December 1st (pre-orders available now, so get on it). You just pair Billy to any Amazon Echo device (not included) and Billy "will respond to Alexa voice commands, lip sync with Alexa's speech, respond to your inquires, react to times, notifications and alarms, and dance to the beat of music played through Amazon Music." He can operate on batteries or the included A/C adapter, and still plays his original song when you push the red button. Unfortunately, they didn't give him a Billy Big Mouth voice, which I hope they rectify in a future update. Still, I just preordered as many as my finances would allow, and plan on reselling them on eBay and making at least twice what I did the year I bought as many Tickle Me Elmos as I could. "How much was that?" Zero, I was dead broke that year and couldn't afford any. "You do realize zero times two is still zero, right?" Yes I do. "Soooo...." So what do you think? "You're still broke, aren't you?" Lotto scratchers are a slippery slope.

Keep going for a short video demonstration.

Thanks to Josh J, Pavel and n0nentity, who agrees there's absolutely no shame in putting one in every room of the house.

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