Prank Candles That Go From Smelling Good To Very, Very Bad

November 2, 2018


These are the ~$17 Prank Candles. Each 5.8-ounce candle starts off smelling like the scent that its labeled (currently available in balsam and cedar, apple pie, vanilla, and fresh roses), then after an hour or two begins its transition to a dirty fart that "smell worse than Satan's powder room in the burning pits of hell after an all-night bender with spicy wings, bean dip, and too much beer." That's nasty. Of course my house smells so bad you'd swear all my candles are prank candles, because even with them burning it smells like shit. While browsing their inventory I also noticed this company sells a gasoline scented candle, which is quite possibly the best news I've heard all week. You know I love the smell of gasoline. Now I won't have to drape a gas-soaked towel over a warm lamp to get my fix. I mean, I absolutely still will, I just won't have to.

Thanks to Nicholas, who agrees Yankee Candle blew it on this.

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