Not On My Watch!: Cat Chases Would-Be Raccoon Home Invader Through Cat Door

November 21, 2018


This is some footage from a home security cam unusually aimed at the bottom half of an exterior door (maybe this has happened before?) starring a protective cat who chases a raccoon away from the house, presumably after it thought it could help itself to an early Thanksgiving dinner. Not tonight, raccoon! Now that's a cat who has clearly earned its Fancy Feast. Still, it's kind of crazy to think about all the things we've missed seeing prior to the proliferation of inexpensive home security cameras. Like right now *loads feed from home security camera on phone* there appears to be a large man in my backyard treating one of my potted plants like a public toilet. *looks down to see crushed begonias between legs* I'm just not cut out for adult life, I'm really not.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks again to n0nentity, who agrees the best raccoon deterrent is not eating trash.

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