No Tie Down Straps, No Problem: Guy Rides On SUV Roof To Secure Couch During Transport

November 27, 2018


This is a video from Dayton, Ohio (probably best known as the birthplace of my brother Frank) of a man couch surfing on the roof of a Chrysler Aspen SUV to secure the sofa as they're moving. Did you bring the straps? No, you were supposed to bring the straps! Still, if this is a new couch I can't help but feel that the furniture store is guilty of negligence for not informing these folks it would take two people up there for this to be considered safe.

Keep going for the video while I wish that guy had stuck his arm out and pretended to flip through TV channels.

Thanks again to hairless, who agrees they should have just catapulted the sofa home.

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