Nailed It: Man Tries To Grab Rope Swing From Speeding Boat

November 27, 2018


This is presumably a deleted scene from a live action adaptation of Tarzan of the lead actor's stunt double trying to escape a pod of hungry, hungry hippos by swinging to a vine from the front of a speeding boat. He does not do a very good job, probably because he forgot to perform the Tarzan scream. I can see it now:

DIRECTOR: Cut! Reset the boat, let's do it again.
STUNT DOUBLE: (writhing in pain) I think I broke my back.
DIRECTOR: (turning back on stunt double to address a PA) Get another stunt double in here, pronto.
PA: We're all out of stunt doubles.
DIRECTOR: What do you mean we're all out of stunt doubles?!
PA: Did you see his physique? He was already number sixty-something.
DIRECTOR: Sixty-nine?! Awwww yeaaaaaah.
PA: Huh?
PA: ....
DIRECTOR: Take your shirt off and get in the boat.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Jeffrey S, who agrees somebody clearly needs to take a lesson in trying hard and believing in yourself.

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